Poland Customized Machine Shipped Successfully
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Poland Customized Machine Shipped Successfully

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Poland Customized Machine Shipped Successfully

    Today, our company in Shanghai has successfully completed the production and delivery of the EI-150150DV security screening machine customized by our Polish customer. The machine adopts advanced technology, has highly accurate detection ability, is a kind of high-performance security inspection equipment.

    It is understood that this time the Polish customer put forward strict requirements for the screening machine, including high requirements for detection accuracy, speed and ease of operation. On the basis of detailed communication with the customer, the company carefully designed and carried out several debugging, and finally successfully developed a security machine that meets the customer's needs.

    As a representative of high-performance security screening equipment, this security screening machine has reached the international first-class level in terms of performance. It can quickly and accurately detect metal objects carried by personnel, and both the clarity of the image on the display and the accuracy of the detection results have won high praise from customers.

    As security check becomes more and more important, the launch of this security checker will definitely enhance the efficiency and accuracy of security check. It will be widely used in airports, stations, shopping malls and other public places to provide strong protection for everyone's travel safety.

    The company said that this smooth shipment further consolidates the cooperative relationship between the company and its international customers, and also establishes a good image for the company's reputation in the international market. The company will continue to increase R & D efforts, and constantly launch more high-performance, high-tech security equipment to provide customers with better products and services


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