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  • What kind of technology is X-ray screening for security?

    Safety inspection is one of the contents of safety inspection in public places. All people and their belongings must be checked when they pass by, which is also one of the important precautions for passengers' personal safety. Therefore, X-ray screening technology has been widely used and developed

  • Is X-ray inspection safe?

    ​With the development of society and economy, X-ray Screening has been widely used in various fields, but it has also been slowly discovered by some people. Due to the occurrence of nuclear accidents and nuclear accidents in Japan in the past few years, the panic of nuclear radiation has been spreading all over the world. The shadow of "talking about radiation color change" triggered by "talking about nuclear color change" has quietly enveloped people's minds. While the community is paying close attention to the impact of “nuclear radiation”, the security industry is also conducting a heated discussion about whether X-ray Screening equipment is “safe”. The following article briefly introduces X-ray Screening. Security issues and corresponding security protection knowledge. I hope to help you better understand X-rays.

  • New product - EI-CI300 X-ray vehicle inspection system

    EI-CI300 is a top-illuminated X-ray vehicle inspection system independently developed and designed by Shanghai Eastimage. The system adopts advanced crawler transport structure design to automatically transport vehicles into the scanning device for real-time imaging. It is suitable for rapid and tho

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