The trend of urban rail transit-X ray security inspection systems
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The trend of urban rail transit-X ray security inspection systems

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The era of urban rail transit has the advantages of large traffic volume, punctuality, safety, fast speed and energy saving, but at the same time, because of the closed rail transit environment, dense personnel, complexity and high mobility. In the event of accidents and emergencies, personnel evacuation is a great restriction, which will not only cause casualties and huge economic losses, but also have a great impact on political and social stability.

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Existing sources of danger include metal knives, guns, controlled equipment, black powder, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc. Therefore, safety inspections are particularly important in places with tight spaces and large numbers of people. Metro security systems(X-Ray Baggage Scanner and People Screening) prevent the occurrence of violent terrorist incidents by detecting the human body and luggage items.


In response to the special requirements of the subway industry, Shanghai Eastimage combined its many years of experience in the subway security inspection industry with a variety of technologies such as X-ray imaging, launched a complete solution for the subway industry security inspection, and specifically provided a high-speed operation mode for occasions with large crowds to improve the efficiency.


The original rail transit status was: tight space, high density of personnel and equipment; high security period and security pressure; many types of prohibited products, large complexity, strong concealment; independent equipment lack of alarm mechanism. And the solution of Shanghai Eastimage is: scientific and reasonable security inspection site deployment; increase security inspection speed to ease security inspection pressure; perfect security inspection supporting equipment combination plan; centralized management platform to improve on-site scheduling and post-event response capabilities. In short, the rapid inspection of urban rail transit security, intelligence and interconnected/networking is the trend.


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