What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?
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What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?

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What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?

Nowadays, whether we take the train or the plane, all kinds of package we carry with must pass the X-ray baggage scanner. People screening and X-ray baggage scanners ensure the safety of passengers, assets, and facilities. An X-ray baggage scanner identifies harmful organic, inorganic, and metal materials. Different places must adopt different X-ray baggage scanners to ensure efficiency and good operation.


What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?

Why there is curtain in the front of X-ray baggage scanner?

Why does express industry need X-ray baggage scanner?


What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?

X-ray screening systems designed for baggage inspection: The tunnel size of X-ray baggage scanners is from the width of 80cm and the height of 65cm to the width of 100cm and the height of 120cm. These kinds of X-ray baggage scanners are widely used in airports, sea ports, railways, prisons, hotels or warehouses for oversized luggage checking. The X-ray baggage scanners include single view X-ray baggage scanners and dual view X-ray baggage scanner.

Pallet inspection systems designed for big size cargo and pallet security checking: This kind of X-ray baggage scanner is a security solution for boxes, air flight cargos and pallets screening in the screening area of airports, seaports, boards, or railways. X-ray baggage scanner is specially designed for very big sized objects from a square with sides 1.5m long to that with 1.8m long. This type of X-ray baggage scanner includes single view and dual view systems also.

X-ray baggage scanner designed for the mobile van: This type of X-ray baggage scanners is designed for the users to have a flexible X-ray inspection checkpoints.

X-ray baggage scanner system designed for small size vehicle: This X-ray baggage scanner is designed for screening the vehicles like small cars or business cars to find threats, contraband, explosives and narcotics in the vehicles.

X-ray baggage scanner designed for industry: This type of X-ray baggage scanner is designed for leather production inspection like shoes manufacturers to have metal detection.


Why there is curtain in the front of X-ray baggage scanner?

We often see some passengers eager to get their luggage back in a hurry to lift the curtain of the X-ray baggage scanner. Some passengers even stretch their heads into the X-ray baggage scanner.

Perhaps, many people don't know that the curtain of X-ray baggage scanner is a safety curtain, which can prevent X-ray leakage from the X-ray baggage scanner. When you open the curtain, you are exposed to radiation. Although this radiation dose has little effect, if this happens often, it will inevitably cause a great impact on the body.

The X-ray baggage scanner mainly uses the conveyor belt to send the inspected items into the X-ray detection channel, which will obstruct the baggage detection sensor, and the detection signal will be sent to the control part of the system. An X-ray trigger signal is generated to trigger the X-ray source. And then, the X-ray beam passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt of X-ray baggage scanner, and the amount of X-ray is absorbed by the inspected object and hits the detector installed in the channel. Then the detector converts the X-rays into signals, which are displayed on the display screen after being processed by the software.

No matter how many layers are wrapped in the suitcase, X-rays can penetrate. Although the X-ray baggage scanner can detect dangerous goods, it does not harm the human body. Because X-rays only occur inside the X-ray baggage scanner, and the rays are emitted straight.


Why does express industry need X-ray baggage scanner?

At present, there are more express logistics companies. Since e-commerce has slowly risen, there are certain requirements for the goods to be transported. More cases of criminals use delivery channels to carry out illegal and criminal activities, which endangers the public safety greatly.

Express delivery must pass the X-ray baggage scanner. According to the regulation posed by the Ministry of Public Security, the follow-up express delivery will be comprehensive to carry out, including real-name receipt and delivery, inspection, and X-ray baggage scanner.

Strictly implement a real-name system for items sent and delivered that the sender must show his resident ID card or other valid identity. Strictly implement an X-ray baggage scanner for sent and delivered items. For suspicious items that cannot be secured, the sender should be required to issue a safety certificate from the relevant department before they can be accepted and sent.

The X-ray baggage scanner is very important to the express industry. As the express industry transports a wide variety of items, some of them may involve prohibited, explosive, and flammable items.


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