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  • X-ray work be done correctly

    With the development of social economy and science and technology, X-rays have been slowly accepted by everyone since the beginning, and finally they have been widely used up to now. This change has brought great convenience to our life and work. X-ray screening has also become a hot job at present,

  • Security Solution for Korean Basketball Gym.

    No matter the size of the game, the safety of the basketball hall has always been a key to ensure the smooth progress of the game. Of course, except for the basketball hall, other venues also need the blessing of safety equipment,Shanghai Eastimage will always adhere to the principle and help bui

  • Bid-winning task promotion project, 200 equipment ready to deliver

    Time flies, spring gone and winter coming, 2021 is about to follow the annual round, but the footsteps of Eastimage have never stopped. The coming projects and orderly work are another answer we give to the end of 2021.Hefei Metro Line 4Nanchang Metro Line 4Jiangxi-Shenzhen Line (Railway)Wuxi Metro

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