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  • Better understanding of infrared temperature measurement products

    During the epidemic, Shanghai Eastimage began the development and production of infrared thermography temperature measurement products. We hope that we can use our own strength to meet the needs of society. We also don't want customers to use our products alone. We hope that customers can understand


    Shanghai Eastimage and all staff actively fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). We hope to contribute our strength in such a special period. One is to enhance our country's defense capabilities and ensure the safety of our citizens. The other is to bring help to our overseas customers and safegu

  • Eastimage hopes to play its role during the epidemic and make the perfect solution.

    At present, the domestic epidemic situation has already had a significant control effect, but we still cannot be underestimated. In some regions, overseas imports still occur. We should make final preparations at this moment to completely defeat the new Coronavirus and make the perfect solution.

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