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How much radiation is there in X-rays?

With the development of social economy, X-ray screening technology has been more and more widely used, but also brought us a lot of convenience. But everything has two sides. X-ray screening is good, but not visible. X-ray also brings us large or small radiation. So, how much X-ray radiation is there? What harm does this radiation do to our human body? Here we briefly introduce it, hoping to help you better understand the X-ray screening technology.


The main points are as follows:

✉ Source of X-ray

✉ Radiation Damage to Human Body by X-ray

✉ Factors affecting radiation damage

✉ Conclusion

Source of X-rays

The main sources of X-ray are as follows:

(1) External irradiation

Refers to the radiation source located outside the human body, radiation exposure caused by the human body. The range of external irradiation is mainly related to the distribution dose, size, location and moving frequency of the radiation source.


(2) Internal irradiation

Also known as radioactive nuclide pollution, refers to radioactive nuclides beyond the natural existence of objects.


(3) Radionuclide pollution

The adhesion of radionuclides to the human surface can be a healthy body surface or a hand surface. The main source is the residual accident.


(4) Compound irradiation

In practice, the most common mode of irradiation is multiple irradiation.


Radiation Damage to Human Body by X-ray

x-ray baggage scanner

It has been proved by human body that the X-ray screening can bring great benefits to human beings, such as radiodiagnosis, radiotherapy and so on, but in the application, if we do not pay attention to protection or improper use. It may also lead to certain hazards, such as personal injuries or an increase in cancer incidence in the population.


The radiation damage caused by X-ray screening is a pathological reaction caused by a certain amount of ionizing radiation applied to the body. Acute radiation damage is caused by a large dose of radiation in one or very short time. It mainly occurs in accidental radiation. In the case of chronic low-dose continuous irradiation, attention should be paid to chronic radiation damage, mainly because X-ray professionals do not pay attention to protection during the working day and receive the allowable dose for a long time. Ionizing radiation can not only cause acute and chronic radiation damage in the whole body, but also cause local skin damage. In the second year after the discovery of X-rays, the hand of Gruber, an X-ray tube manufacturer, developed specific dermatitis. In 1899, Stevens first reported X-ray damage to the skin.


Actors affecting radiation damage

The research shows that the main factors affecting radiation damage in X-ray screening technology are as follows:

(1) Radiation characteristics

Radiation characteristics include the type and energy of radiation. The relative biological effects are different due to the different linear densities of energy transfer and the different ionization densities produced by different kinds of rays in the medium.


(2) Exposure mode

The effect of single and multiple irradiation and the time interval between multiple irradiation are also different.


(3) Exposure position and scope

Because different parts of the body have different radiation sensitivity to radiation, radiation damage may also be affected.



This is a brief introduction to the possible radiation effects of X-ray screening technology. Although X-ray detection technology has brought us many advantages, it also brings some disadvantages. Therefore, when we use this technology, we should know the relevant protection knowledge in time and minimize the harm. After listening to our introduction, if you want to know more about X-ray screening technology, please consult us in time. We will provide you with the most satisfactory answers, so that you can maximize the understanding of X-ray screening technology.

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