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How to choose the correct X-Ray Baggage Scanners Supplier in China?

To find out the suitable and correct X-ray baggage scanners supplier, we advise you to consider the following facts before you make the decision. 

First is that you have to find out a reliable X-ray machines manufacturer in China. You have to know the exporting data from China of the x-ray baggage scanners, to find out the most well known brands. You can find out some of the data by search some key words like X-Ray Baggage Scanners, or X-Ray Cargo Scanners, X-Ray Pallet Scanners ect to identify the top 3 leading brands in the past few years. Try to work with the private company since they are much more flexiable in policy, payment way and service also. 

Then it is necessary to check their website and find out if they are a professional supplier in X-ray screening systems industry. Check the company basic information to see the factry size, teams and  big projects references, international projects references etc. Off course the history of the X-ray baggage scanners design, research and supply is most important. The products ranges of x-ray scanners models are much more important since it means the experiences of a manufacturer in X-ray industry.  

Second is that if possible you may have a visit to the manufacturer and see the reality of the suppliers company. Because it is easy to find out that in China many trading companies makes a good website and show X-ray machines including parcel x-ray scanners, cargo and pallet scanners to container scanners by copy the pictures and specifications, this is the risk of payment and after sale services etc. If you can find the similar apperances of the X-ray scanners but with different logo it means that you are not working with a "factory" which is possible not the real manufacturer, but OEM products. Needless to say that it is a risk also for a distributor who want to have no internal competiton in his country. 

Third is that you have to choose the good team to work with. You can find out the differences when you send a inquiry for a X-ray baggage scanner. The professional sales team will contact you imediately by a return calling and check with you for details needs and give you professional advice of how to choose the correct models. This is a signal of the company capacity of employees and the service. Talk with the sales team and check with them the details of their references and experiences of X-ray baggage scanners and the projects. Do not forget to ask if they can for sure to cooperate with you to import the X-ray baggage scanners products, many country has a strict policy of controlling X-ray and related products importing, this is important. Ask if they can give a anual after sale service visit and checking all of your machines in time, this is to make sure the users can get good training for safety and machines are under a good maintenance. Do not forget to ask them if they will keep the same price of the spare parts for at least 5 years, incase they sell X-ray baggage scanners in a extremely low prices and earn the profit from the spare parts later. 

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