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Is the metal detector really convenient?

Metal detectors are real in our daily life. They are usually used for people screening, from leisure and entertainment to work to safety, and they are widely used. Now it is widely used in airports, office buildings, schools, government agencies, prisons and other places. Metal detectors can help improve the safety of these places by people screening and other related work. There are many kinds of metal detectors, such as microwave human body scanner, hand-held metal detectors, safety doors and so on. These devices can be used for people screening in public places. At this time, there must be a question: is the metal detector really convenient? Next, we will make a brief analysis of this question. I hope it will help you better understand the devices that can be used for people screening.


The discussion points are as follows:

✉ What is a metal detector

✉ The basic principle of metal detectors

✉ The convenience of metal detectors

✉ Conclusion


What is a metal detector

people screening

Metal detector is a kind of metal detection device which can do people screening. It consists of a metal detector and an automatic removal device, in which the detector is the core component. The system can use alarm signal to drive automatic eliminating device and so on, thus eliminating metal impurities on the production line. There are three groups of coils inside the detector, namely the central transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils. The high frequency variable magnetic field is generated by an oscillator connected by an intermediate transmitting coil. In the idle state, the induced voltage of the receiving coils on both sides cancels each other before the magnetic field is disturbed and reaches equilibrium state.


There are three main types of metal detectors: electromagnetic induction, X-ray and microwave detectors. They are electronic instruments that can be used to detect metals. Now they have been applied in many fields:

In military, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines.

(1) In the field of security, portable or hidden weapons and tools can be detected.


(2) In archaeology, to do people screening can be done by detecting weapons and crime tools that are carried or hidden .


(3) In engineering, it can be used to detect underground metal buried objects, such as pipelines, pipelines and so on.


(4) In mineral exploration, it can be used to detect and discover natural gold particles.


(5) In industry, it can be used for on-line monitoring, such as removing metal impurities from cotton, coal and food.


The basic principle of metal detectors

So what is the working principle of metal detectors?


Metal detectors use the principle of electromagnetic induction and coils with alternating current to generate rapidly changing magnetic fields. The magnetic field can cause eddy currents in metal objects. The eddy current will produce a magnetic field, which will affect the original magnetic field and make the detector produce noise. So that's why people scream when they use metal detectors to do people screening.


The convenience of metal detectors

General purpose metal detectors are very simple to operate. After opening the detector, let the detector move slowly in the area you want to do people screening. If you scan the target, the detector will send a signal that you can hear. More advanced metal detectors are equipped with display screens to accurately identify the types of metals found in Underground Geographic storage and the depth of objects. If noise is emitted, it indicates that the detected object may carry some dangerous goods.



Do you have a better understanding of metal detectors after reading this article? With the development of society and technology, more and more metal detectors have been invented and put into use. If you want to know more about metal detectors, which can be used to do people screening, please consult us in time. We will certainly provide you with more information about metal detectors and other related equipment that can be used for people screening.

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