EI-5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner for Small Bags &mails
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EI-5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner for Small Bags &mails

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Machine including:
X-ray baggage scanner machine body *1
High resolution monitor *1
Multi function key board*1
  • EI-5030A
  • EI-5030A

EI-5030A Mail X-ray Screening System

Product Instruction

The EI-5030A is the most standard X-ray baggage scanner machine with the smallest tunnel size of 50cm W x 30cm H, which is suitable for the most basic security inspection service for small size baggage inspection. 

EI-5030A X-ray baggage scanner is the most economic security solution mainly for commercial users like mail rooms, hotels, shopping mall, factories and some governmet organizations. This x-ray machine use 80KG generator to generate x-ray beam to scan the small size bags and creat x-ray baggage images for operator to see if there is any threat inside the bags or mail package without open it. 


Main Features

● Shiny clear images

 Single-energy penetration system

● Multi-functions image processing system

● EI-TIP(Threat Image Projection) function

● Any selection of the image magnified area

● Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data

● Removable structure with independent console

● Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

● Sophisticated design with multi-functions operator interface

● High-resolution


General Specifications

  • Tunnel Size:505 mm(W)×304 mm(H)

  • Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s

  • Conveyor Height:730 mm

  • Max. Load:150 kg(Evenly distributed)

  • Image Resolution:22''LCD 1920×1080

Software including:

*x-ray scanner software

*TIP(Threat Images Projection)

*X-Auto sight(Threat self identification assistant function)

*Guns,Knives, Explosives, Drugs general finder

Other optional parts available:

* Entrance & Exit tables


* Stabilizer

* BB100 camera video system

* Energy saving function


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