EI-8065 X Ray Baggage Scanner for Middle Objects
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EI-8065 X Ray Baggage Scanner for Middle Objects

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Machine including:
X-ray baggage scanner machine body *1
High resolution monitor *1
Multi function key board*1
Operation desk *1
  • EI-8065
  • EI-8065

EI-8065 X-ray Baggage Scanner for Middle Objects

Product Instruction

Eastimage is a world’s leading security equipment supplier based in Shanghai, using the high cost-effective security products and the professional security solutions as our significant characteristics to stand out from the industry.

EI-8065 x-ray baggage scanner is a practical large tunnel design x-ray security equipment which is perfectly suitable for scanning bulky objects, oversize luggage, freights and so on. The tunnel size is 80cm W x65cm H which is a very suitable size for carry baggage inspection service like hotel luggage checking in the loby, small airport x-ray baggage scanning system before boarding.

EI-8065 x-ray scanner is a special design as a economic x-ray solution. Usually most of the suppliers make it the size 100cm x 80cm or bigger one, while 80cm W x 65cm H is big enough for common holding luggages. 

With the x-ray generator from the top side, this x-ray machine scan the bags from the vertical view. The conveyor height is designed to be low to make it easy to put the heavy luggage on the conveyor and scan the baggage. 

EI-8065 x-ray machine is special also for it small size which is easy for user to ararnge the small space to install the machine. Beside this, this x-ray scanner only has few cables to connect before installation.  No need complecated installation process, EI-8065 has self diagnoses process, no need to have any calibrations at all. 

Other special designs like the integrated blocks inside the machine, easy for maintenance services and repairing etc, makes this model a very popular and special x-ray machine for baggage checking.

Technology Features

  • Shiny clear images

  • Sophisticated design with multi-functions operator interface High- resolution

  • Can increase the conveyor speed to 0.3m/s(Customized)

  • Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data 

  • With network interface to achieve total network management 

  • Support JPG & BMP image transformation format to USB

General Specification

Tunnel size810mm(w)*660mm(H)
Conveyor Speed0.2m/s
Conveyor Height300mm
Max. load200kg
DisplayColorful, Black and white
Anode Voltage80KV
Beam Directionfrom the bottom

X-Ray Generator & Detection System

  • Standard160KV Generator 

  • Optional 180KV Generator

  • Multi-energy L photoelectric diode array detector

Software including:

*x-ray scanner software

*OTP(Operator Training Programe)

*TIP(Threat Images Projection)

*X-Auto sight(Threat self identification assistant function)

*Guns,Knives, Explosives, Drugs general finder

Other optional parts available:

* Entrance & Exit tables


* Stabilizer

* BB100 camera video system

* Energy saving function


Kind note : If you have any questions about X-ray baggage scanners products, please contact our online support or email us, we are glad to give professional advice for your needs.

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