EI-MLT3000A Wakthrough Metal detector with human temperature detection
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EI-MLT3000A Wakthrough Metal detector with human temperature detection

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The non-contact abnormal body temperature preliminary screening has fast detection speed and can prevent personnel fromcontacting cross infection. It can display information such as measured temperature, alarm temperature, number of people passing
through, etc.
  • EI-MLT3000A

Product Features

  • Temperature measurement distance is within the range of 5-12cm;

  • Temperature measurement can be completed within 0.5 seconds;

  • Low power consumption;

  • High quality image ;

  • Temperature error is ±0.3°C.

Product Data:

  • Display Screen……………...High brightness LED display screen shows the passing and alarming number of people.

  • Operational Authorization…. Password protection to prevent data from being illegally modified or wrongly operated leading to abnormal work.

  • Diagnostic Function…………Power-on self-test.

  • Easy Installation ……………Integration design and can be assembled and dismantled in 20 minutes.

  • Safety ………………………..No harm to pacemaker wearers, Pregnant woman and magnetic media.

Product Function:

Highly integrated DSP digital processing technology Automatically detects environmental interference;high performance, high  sensitivity, high stability.  Preset metal items with weight, volume, size, parts, excluding keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other false alarm.  Comply with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, no harm to pacemaker  wearers, pregnant woman, magnetic media, floppy disk, film, videotape and such items.

Technical Parameters of temperature measurement:

  • Measuring range··················Human temperature mode: 32°C~42.9°C 

                                              Surface mode: 0°C~100°C 

  • Measured time·················································································0.5 seconds

  • Measured distance··········································································5-12cm

  • Displayed precision·········································································±1.0℃ 

Installation Data:

  • Size······················································2235*820*500mm

  • Vertical channel size·····················2000*700*500mm

  • Power consumption······················<15W

  • Weight················································Around 65KG.


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