EI-V150180DV Easy To Use And Reliable Dual View X-ray Cargo and Pallet Scanner
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EI-V150180DV Easy To Use And Reliable Dual View X-ray Cargo and Pallet Scanner

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Machine including:
X-ray baggage scanner machine body *1
High resolution monitor *1
Multi function key board*1
lockable Operation desk *1
monitors *1
  • EI-V150180DV
  • EI-V150180DV

EI-V150180DV Dual View X-ray Cargo Scanner

Product Introduction

The EI-V150180 x-ray pallet and cargo scanner is a special designed dual view x-ray machine used for airport pallet and cargo inspection with dual view and dual energy x-ray technology. This x-ray machine can scan the packages and show images by organic, inorganic and mixed materials inside the box, without open it. The X-ray images are scanned by x-ray beam generated from both vertical and horizonal directions.

The big tunnel size is 150cm W x180cm H, can scan the big size cargo packages from 2 directions. The conveyor is heavy rollers with mortor which can bear and move cargo which is more than 2000kg and even more by a customized bigger motor. It is a cecessary x-ray machine for air cargo screening area, warehouse, air cargo regulated agents etc. Especially in these places where the airlines required dual view x-ray scanners, regulated agents works for big international airlines are the main users of this x-ray machine.

Main Features

1-200KV high voltage generator, High-precision X-ray detector, making the image more clearly

2-Large tunnel design which can scan almost all aircargo packages, high efficiency screening works.

3-Advanced image processing platform, providing strong functions to operator, easy operation and locakable operation desk.

4-Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices

5-Dual view with 2 generators to have 2 ways images, dual energy images.

6-Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the national standard GB15208-2005

7-Regulated agents highly recommended model.



Tunnel size1550mm (W) x 1815 mm (H)
Conveyor Speed0.2 m/s
Conveyor Height349mm
Max. Load2000 kg (Evenly distributed)
Spatial ResolutionHorizontal: Φ1.3 mm Vertical: Φ1.3 mm (from side)
Image Resolution22''LED (Double Display)

X-Ray Security

Leakage< 3μGy/h (5cm distance from outer), According to the national and international Safety standard
Film SaftyAccording to the ISO1600 (33DIN) High speed standard

X-Ray Generator & Detection System

  • Standard 200KV Generators (2 units)

  • Optional 260KV Generator

  • Multi-energy L photoelectric diode array detector

Software including:

*x-ray scanner software

*OTP(Operator Training Programe)

*TIP(Threat Images Projection)

*X-Auto sight(Threat self identification assistant function)

*Guns,Knives, Explosives, Drugs general finder

Other optional parts available:

* Entrance & Exit tables


* Stabilizer

* BB100 camera video system

* Energy saving function


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