ESCAN 6040CT Inspection system
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ESCAN 6040CT Inspection system

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ESCAN 604CT is a newly developed CT inspection system developed by Eastimage Company Limited.
The system innovatively combines the dual-energy material discrimination technology with spiral CT technology. With the multidimensional information acquired by the system, it realizes automated dangerous goods detection and alarms with a higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rates.
  • ESCAN 6040CT

    ESCAN 6040CT is a new generation CT baggage / article  inspection system independently developed by Eastimage. The system innovatively combines cutting-edge technologies such as data acquisition technology, high-resolution  three-dimensional imaging and spiral CT technology.  The multi-dimensional information collected by the  system is used to realize the automatic detection and  alarm of dangerous goods.

    The image display level is clear and has a strong three-dimensional sense, which helps to improve the ability of  security inspectors to distinguish prohibited goods, with  high detection probability and low false alarm rate. It can be widely used for in airports, customs, stations,  large-scale activities and other sensitive places.

Technical Features:

  • Technical principle: Using spiral CT detection technology to continuously scan the whole volume of baggage.  The inspected image can be viewed from any angle  without being affected by overlapping and shielding  factors. The image is intuitive and contraband is not  easy to be omitted.

  • Color HD 3D image: The CT scanner shall be able to  obtain the density and effective atomic number information of the checked items at the same time, and  provide the HD 3D image and CT slice image of the  checked luggage.

  • Automated detection of various contraband like explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics, satisfying security  needs for airports, customs, hospitals, etc.

  • Display the internal information of the tested articles,  and easier to find the articles hidden.

  • The built-in 3D image TIP system supports manual  injection or automatic injection according to the preset  rules, providing effective help for the training and  assessment of operators

  • Provide practical 3D image processing methods such  as 3D measurement, 3D marking and image super  enhancement, so as to provide more effective means  for map judgment personnel.

Image Processing System:

  • Dr scanning system: Generate high-definition DR two-dimensional images,  provide richer image details, and distinguish small objects such as matches;

  • Dr processing technology: Realize the intelligent operation mode of unrestricted  free positioning, automatic tracking and automatic alignment;

  • 3D image display: color / black and white, reverse display, edge enhancement,  super enhancement, organic matter elimination, inorganic matter elimination,  CT image gray transformation, etc;

Installation Data:

  • Dimensions: 3210mm (L)*1630mm (W)*1800mm (H)

  • Conveyor Load: 160kg(Evenly distributed)

  • X-ray leakage dose rate: 0.69μGy/ h

  • Cooling mode of X-ray generator: oil cooling/100%

  • Working Temperature / Humidity: 0℃~+ 45℃/10%~95%

  • Storage Temperature / Humidity: -40℃~+ 60℃/10%~95%

  • Power Supply: AC 220 V(+10%~-15%) 50±3 (Hz)

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