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Explosives & Narcotics Detection

Explosives and narcotics detection systems catagory including single model hand held explosive detectors, single model hand held narcotics detectors, and combined hand held explosives & narcotics detectors.

Also named hand held explosives trace detectors(ETD) or hand held narcotics trace detectors are security inspection system which can have a non-invasive search on visitors baggages, clothes, cars, and any objects touched by the person who carry explosives or narcotics.

The explosives and narcotics detectors are different in technologies including IMS(Ion mobility spectrometry), which is a accurate explosive detection or narcotics detection. This kind of explosive detectors and narcotics detectors can detect the sample and give the report of the chemical name of the explosives or narcotics after analysis including our model EI-HE300.

Another kinds of exposive detection machine use Fluorescent technology to detect the threats. This technology is fast checking technology to detect the obejcts and report if any explosives or narcotics detected. Fore more please refer to model EI-HE600.

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