EI-MD3000B Single Chip/Walk-Through Metal Detector
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EI-MD3000B Single Chip/Walk-Through Metal Detector

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The system has the function of displaying environmental monitoring data.
High performance, high sensitivity, high stability.
With system networking, can manage multiple devices through one PC.
Preset metal items weight, volume, size, parts, excluding keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other false alarm.
Comply with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, heart pacemaker.
wearers, pregnant women, floppy disk, film, videotape and other harmless.
  • EI-MD3000B
  • EI-MD3000B Single chip/Walk-Through Metal Detector
Technical Parameters
Product model2018 Single - chip liquid crystal
Vertical Dimension2005x430mm
Vertical channel Dimension2005x430mm
Packing Dimension2100×500×200mm
Net weight20KG
Gross weight22KG
Operating voltageAC90V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption12W
Operating frequency range1—50 Bands
Operating environment temperature-20℃~65℃
Installation environment(W) 100cm*(L) 200cm(Metal-free minimum range)sheet transverse
Regional detect metal precision rangeMaximum sensitivity≥10g Metal
Functional Configuration
Portable metal can be excluding、3.7-inch LCD display、Integrated four-button panel operation mode、Pass people statistics function、Alarm statistics function、Password protection、Multi-location simultaneous detection and alarm function、Detection and intelligent distinction of large items、Super brightness patch intelligent partition alarm indicator light、Ultra- brightness patch double row regions indicator light、50 Optional operating frequency bands、Alarm sound mute mode setting、Alarm volume adjustable mode、Multiple alarm sound selection modes、Infrared start and stop function、Front unilateral location alarm indicator light conversion function、The sensitivity of each detection defense zone can be adjusted、Each area sensitivity 0-255 adjustable、Safety level 1-100 optional、Independent 5 probe interactive 5 sector、Multiple quick setup scenarios to choose from、Restore factory setting
Optional Functional Configuration
One button remote control mode、Multiple networking interfaces、External control alarm port、Secondary development port/upgrade port、Query function of people in and out、Front and rear unilateral location alarm indicator light conversion function、Battery life:2 hours/optional、Battery life:8 hours/optional

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