EI-N3020 Neutron Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter
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EI-N3020 Neutron Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter

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A quite light neutron dose equivalent (rate) meter , with 6LiI (Eu) scintillator as its neutron detector.
  • EI-N3020

EI-N3020 Neutron Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter

Product Introduction:

EI-N3020 is a quite light neutron dose equivalent (rate) meter , with 6LiI (Eu) scintillator as its neutron detector. With advantages of high sensitivity, excellent gamma rejection ratio, portable, light weight, easy to use, etc..

Main Features:

◆ High-performance 6LiI (Eu) scintillation crystal neutron detector

◆ Alarm threshold is continuously adjustable, with function of timing dose measurement

◆ 3.5" high-definition color LCD screen with digital and analog displays

◆ Audible and visible alarm simultaneously

◆ Multiple communication interface for data management and remote control


◆ Neutron dose equivalent (Rate) detection of nuclear power plants, research nuclear reactors, particle accelerators and places with isotopic neutron sources

◆ Emergency response for Disease Control Centers and environment monitoring department

◆ Anti-terrorism, border control, customs inspection, etc.

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