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Baggage & Freight Inspection

For baggage and freight inspection, we have designed different ranges of x-ray baggage scanners and big size luggage scanners. According to the baggage sizes, these x-ray machines models are different from tunnel size of 60cm x 40cm to 180cm x 180cm.

These X-ray baggage scanners are also avalible of the dual view models. Dual view(Model name with“DV”) means the X-ray baggage scanner is designed with 2 x-ray generators, and the x-ray beam shoot from vertical and horizonal directions to scan baggages and have 2 angles of x-ray images. This technology is upgrated for the improved international aviation standards.

X-ray baggage screening systesm are designed with different conveyor height. For small baggage scanners, the conveyor are higher with the X-ray generator from bottom and large size x-ray machines are lower conveyor, with X-ray generator from the top. For big size luggage checking, it is better to have low coneyor x-ray baggage screening systems because it is hard to carry up and down.

X-ray machines model named with “G” Means High speed X-ray baggage scanners. Common speed of the x-ray machines are about 0.2m/s, we provide options of 0.3m/s -1.7 m/s machines which are suitable for heavy people flow traffic area for security inspection.

If you have any question when choosing the model, please contact our online consultance or leave message or email us to have professional advices.

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